A surgical forum run by medical students. Our focus is to impart surgical skills to undergraduate medical students worldwide 🌍

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About Us

Mission Statement

To produce international quality and best-equipped young medical practitioners in the surgical field by providing the highest standard of training in practical surgical skills, undertaking student-directed research in surgical specialties and enhancing exposure to the local and global surgical community in a bid to foster interest and competence in surgery among medical students in Kenya. 

Vision Statement

To become the premier national surgical students’ professional organization in creating exposure and training medical students in surgical skills, research and professional ethical principles so as to bridge the gap between school-based training and the expectations of the practice of surgery.

Core Values

Participants and members of the student forum are to observe the following standards of conduct and work ethic in all their dealings. ; Professionalism The student forum’s activities are to be conducted in accordance with professional ethics aimed at preparing students for their career and vocational lifestyle

Our Activities

Our members get access to a variety of activities.

Surgical skills training

Basic and Advanced Surgical Skills


Accomplished surgeons to students


Student electives in surgery


Our inaugural conference on 2nd December 2023

Suturing competitions

Students get to show off their surgical skills

Currently, SSF is comprised of more than 800 medical students interested in surgery from almost every medical school in Kenya.

Trainee Testimonials

The journey of a thousand steps begins with one step (Rafiki). I’m glad to say that the peer-led team in SSF did an amazing job in guiding us through our first steps into the realm of surgery. Had a wonderful time and a conducive environment to train my skills. Can’t wait to put what I have learnt today into practice.
Wycliff Gichui
The expertise, guidance and dedication of the trainers has been instrumental in the success of the day. The peer to peer teaching provided a safe and conducive environment for learning and equipped us with confidence to practice the skills we have acquired with precision and care. Looking forward to more interactive sessions and growth.
Lynn Mwongeli
The basic surgical skills training at SSF went far beyond my expectations. The training team exhibited a level of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism by creating a dynamic positive learning environment. They were extremely helpful and patient with us and helped boost our confidence in our newly acquired and improved basic surgical skills. I cannot insist on how fun and exciting the training went.
Fathi Abdullahi
The training was splendid! It was informative and detailed. The trainers took their time to make sure all of us were on track and not missing out. We were given time to repeat what we learned and ask questions. I would definitely recommend the training for other students!
Nahom Yilma
The surgical skills training was an intense course I would highly recommend because it gave the basics you need to navigate any surgery or shadow a surgeon. It was my first time getting the tutorial and I look forward to any advanced courses that may take place while I’m still around.
Charmaine Sanyika
4th Year University of Zimbabwe
I would like comment on the really fantastic Surgical Skills training session I had today along with the fundamental guidance and instruction. The training has had such a good impact on my personal and professional life. The ratio of trainers to the practical exercises in the course was just right. Each session was jam-packed with important information that every doctor should be aware of. I was able to perform the techniques and apply the advice I got almost right away. From beginning to end, it was flawless and a total success. I highly recommend it.
Samah Mekki
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